Key Skills & Requirements Of Real Estate Drone Photography Operators

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The technology of drone flying is used in all sectors and businesses. But the business that has the best use is in property dealing; so Real Estate Drone Photography is used in this sector. Here are some of the key skills that you need for real estate drone photography.

What Issues Are Faced in Real Estate Drone Photography?

Drones and technology that are used in property photography are the simplest of all. When you look closer it is faced by many challenges that might seem minor, but they should not be ignored.

Quality of Image Is Not Expected

Filming a video is easy from a drone but when it is used to capture an image the quality of the picture can sometimes not be what you might be expecting.

Always be certain to double check your photography settings.

Challenges of The Weather

When the weather is not in the ideal condition like raining or there is a dust storm; then the image will be not good. Also, high wind speeds can make the control of the drone difficult.

Using apps like the PolarPro app can help you plan accordingly. It also takes other factors like the KP Index and windspeed and direction into account.

Operator or Pilot Is Not Appropriate

The most important aspect of Real Estate Drone Photography that can make the photography problematic is the incapability of the pilot that he/ she is not able to operate the drone properly.

Taking courses on drone flight and drone photography is a must to overcome this. Be sure to practice as and when you can as well.

Technical Failure of the Drone

A big issue that property photographers can face is the technical failure of the drone. This can either mean that the drone doesn’t fly at all or the camera is not working. Ensure all batteries are charged and do a test of your equipment before you start your work.

Is Approval for Flying a Drone Needed?

This point has two aspects; one is that the business has not got suitable permissions to fly the drone in that location or during that time of day. The second point is that the operator does not have the proper license.

Accidents Due to Drones

The majority of accidents that are caused by the use of a drone are due to technical failure and operator inexperience. The drone could either fall and cause damage or even hit a person.

Test your equipment regulatory to check for technical faults and practice to ensure you know the limits of your ability.

An Eye for Photography

If you think that only the basic operating skills of the pilot are necessary, then you have been misguided because the operator should also have an eye for photography and understand photographic compositions.

Reading blogs and taking courses can help but there is no substitute for practise.

Knowledge of Aviation Rules and Regulations

When a pilot takes proper lessons in drone operation; he/ she also has to know what kinds of rules and regulations around safety and aviation should be followed.

You can find details on regulations for multiple different countries here.

Reflexes and Attention to Surrounding

Thinking that your drone is the only thing flying in the sky is stupid thinking. Birds, insects, and other flying objects can also be in the vicinity.

So having great reflexes and pay attention to the surroundings is one of the best drone photography techniques.

Having a Drone Pilot Certification

If people think that operating a drone is easy then think again because many aspects have to be considered. So having a pilot certificate is important as accidents can be avoided.

In some countries, this is a prerequisite before you can undertake any commercial drone work.

Clear Track Record

The pilot should have a clear track record that includes no evidence of accidents or mishaps. This can only happen when the pilot is experienced and has full knowledge of all operations.

Having a decent portfolio of clients to demonstrate your expertise is essential but this is built as you progress.

Good Skills in Communication with Others

Good communication always goes two ways, not only does the Real Estate Drone Photography operator need to communicate well with the client; but also he/ she must listen to the instructions of the client.

Be sure to check your client brief multiple times to ensure you are doing what your client is asking.

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