How To Take Perfect Panning Photos From A Drone

This image from from a blog post on the Drone Photography Bible. The article is How To Take Perfect Panning Photos From A Drone? The photo is a panning shot of a tractor taken from a drone. The tractor is sharp but the background is blurred due to long exposure.

Do you want to take amazing photos like the one above? You need to learn how to properly perfect taking panning photos from a drone.

What is a panning photo?

The technique to taking great panning photos from a drone is to steer your unmanned aerial device against an object which is in our interest.

Essentially, must fly your drone and capture an image parallel to the subject whilst using a prolonged exposure.

Just as in traditional photography, it is the same with aerial pictures.

Taking panning photos from a drone

Personally I use exposure times totalling circa half a second so thereby objects on my pictures mostly look like they “renders in 3D”.

The subject, in the case above – the tractor, ideally renders particularly sharply while background around them is blurred in an unique way.

ND filters are highly important in panning

Personally, I use ND64 from Polarpro. It is preferable to have all of ND filters from ND4 to ND64. This allows you a degree of flexibility to change them depending on the weather and lighting.

The main difficulty in taking panning photos from a drone is strictly limited to your piloting and drone operating skills.

The longer somebody practises flying a drone, the sooner they will manage to become adept this technique.

Panning is mainly intended for the most patient of drone operators.

When I started, it wasn’t so easy to begin with. I cycled through five batteries without any perfectly sharp pictures.

The amount of practise needed to perfect panning photographs can be a bit discouraging. But, through my photographs I’d like to show others within the Drone Photography Bible community that it’s worth spending time perfecting this technique.

Drone panning photography is difficult and you will need to sacrifice a large amount time to perfect it.

Nevertheless, practise makes perfect and after many flying hours you will be able to take photos like these.

Panning Drone Photographs

Below you will find some more examples of drone panning photos.

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