How Drones Have Changed Commercial Photography

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Drones have revolutionized the commercial photography market. When using drones the user experience and ease of use within a wide range of media, including sports photography, the film industry and documentary film making have been enhanced dramatically.

Commercial photography has changed in a certain ways over the years. Numerous services that are offered nowadays are much better than those previously offered a couple of years ago.

The improvement is made possible with the advent of digitization in photography and the utilization of new technology. Although, no other thing has disrupted the world of commercial photography to the extent that of drones.

How has commercial photography changed with drones?

It has become common for photographers to use drones for commercial photography.

They are easier to operate, are priced much more cost effectively than hiring a helicopter, and provide eye-catching pictures from amazing angles. With the advent of technology, drones provide breathtaking and high-quality pictures and videos. Here are some ways in which the drone has changed commercial photography:

Become Widespread

Previously, aerial photography used to be done using hot air balloons, airplanes, kites, helicopters and more. Nowadays, drones have become exceptionally popular for aerial photography as they provide a customization level that was impossible to achieve with older methods.

The use of drones has opened new options for photographers. Some of the best commercial photographers use drones to cover commercial events and seminars for realistic shots.

Unique perspective

The angles through which shots can be taken were not available before the introduction of drones in photography.

For example, photographers capturing an event or wedding are seen running around the people to get the best shot a few years ago. Now, drones are used to capture those shots without compromising the quality of the image.

Offer better angles and photos

It can be daunting to take high quality pictures at sports events such as soccer, racing, and basketball. The fast pace of the game makes it difficult for the photographer to take quality images.

With drones, the photographers can provide a view which most people want. There is nothing in the sports event to hinder their maneuverability. Therefore, a photographer can provide pictures taken from better angles.  

Photography has become more realistic

The way we view the news has changed drastically after drone commercial photography services. Rather than relying on pre-recorded videos and captures, we get realistic footage of events such as disasters, political events, and crimes.

How did the photography business change with the introduction of drones?

The way we capture photographs is not the only thing that has changed due to drones but the whole photography industry has drifted slightly.

It has changed the way photography business operates. Here are some ways in which drones have changed the photography industry:

Products/Services can be marketed in a diverse manner

Drones are capable of flying at a lower altitude than airplanes that make them perfect for photography.

This feature allows them to take low-level pictures from wide angles covering surrounding areas in detail.

It is able to allow photographers to take photos in extreme weather conditions (within reason). Therefore, the introduction of drones in photography has widened how a product/service can be marketed.

Multiple uses of drones in the film industry

Not only commercial photography but also the film industry has quintessential benefits of drones. From taking aerial shots to recording in extreme weather, everything has become easier with drones.

Previously aerial shots would need a crane or helicopter to be taken. With drones, aerial shots for the film industry have been massively reduced in price.

It has also opened up bespoke aerial shots for low budget and independent film makers. No longer do they have to rely on stock footage or worry about aerial filming budgets. Drones can be purchased relatively cheaply now. Additionally, film makers can hire professional operators with their drones as well.

Aids in generating new business

Users can market their properties and show them to the prospective seller/buyer through aerial photos and videos.

It has become easier to showcase the surrounding of the property. This has made digital registration of the property possible. Likewise, for any other product/service, they are aiding new business opportunities. 

Summing Up

The best commercial photography companies, like Grateful Pony in Bristol uses different photography equipment, including drones, to capture realistic and high-quality photos.

Today’s tech-savvy world has benefited a lot with the invention of drones, whether it is the photography industry or real estate business.

About the author – Oliver James

Drone Photography Bible would like to thank Oliver James for submitting this guest article. Oliver is a copywriter and business writing coach. He has been in the photography industry from last 3 years and specializes in Commercial and Corporate Photography. He likes to travel and loves to explore & learn the new culture and traditions.

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