Complete Guide To Commercial Real Estate Drone Photography

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One of the most popular ways to break into making good money with a drone is getting your hands on real estate drone photography.

This is when a real estate agent or property owner hires a commercial photographer to take pictures of the exterior of the property via drone. The drone is used to capture aerial shots of the property to make it look more appealing to potential buyers.

When you hire a professional Commercial Photographer for real estate drone photography, they will provide you with aerial photographs and videos of the property. These shots can be used to create a 3D or orthomosaic map of a property.

Some of the most common type of property that is aerially photographed:

  • Large areas of Land: Ranches, golf courses, farms, Big estate buildings.
  • Commercial property: Shopping centers, business complexes, malls, restaurants, clubs, golf courses, hotels, bars, and hotel facilities
  • Residential property: Housing colonies, Homes, and housing communities.

Here is our complete guide to commercial real estate drone photography.

Pricing Guidelines for Commercial Real Estate Drone Photography

  • Reduced annual cost

While calculating the fees to charge from your customer, you must keep in mind the amount you have already spent on your business. By doing this, you will get a rough idea of how much you will charge for a shoot or how to make packages accordingly. Make a list of the minimum amount you need for expenses that might include photography gear, craft, education, insurance, and other expenses related to your business. You need to make sure that the number you come up with after adding all the expenses should include expenses for the entire year, not just a month. Both projected and incurred expenses make the estimated expenses of the business. If you need to purchase some of your equipment or repair one, add those expenses too.

  • Amount of money you want to make

When you get your estimate of the minimal cost you need to run your business each year, it is important to calculate how much money you would like to make in a year. Don’t be unrealistic with the amount of money you want to make in a year. Come up with a reasonable amount, not too much, not too little.

  • Hours of billing you need per year

Now it’s time to talk about the billing hours you can work in a year realistically. Make sure to calculate the hours, taking into account the sick days, vacation off, and other holidays too. Keep in mind that 40 to 45 hours a week is too much for a photographer, so take around 30 hours.

  • Sum up the above

After establishing your estimate, deducting your holiday’s amount, and dividing them with the billable hours, you can come up with the per hour charge.

How to Prepare For a Real Estate Drone Photography Shoot

When preparing for photo sessions, you need to be precise and pay attention to minor details in planning. GRATEFULPONY, a professional commercial photographer in Bristol keeps in mind the type of building he wants to shoot and many other things related to it, including weather, location, action going around, lighting, and frame. Proper cleaning of the building or property whose picture needs to be taken should be done from inside and out.

  • Shoot Timings is important

The main thing that should be perfect to capture eye-catching real estate drone photos is lighting. A professional photographer knows the importance of good and adequate lightning. Plan the shoot timing according to the time when you get the most out of the natural lighting it will give you mesmerizing clicks of the property. You can search the weather conditions and opening timing of the building you are going to shoot inside or outside on Google Maps. So that you can make a strategy related to your shoots.

  • Camera and Angles Settings

Find out the things that a potential buyer of the property would like to see while capturing the exterior and interior of the place via drone. When you know what to capture, you can take shots from different angles, heights, directions, and distances that show the property in the best way possible.

Whichever type of photographers you take, life-like photos are highly affordable and convenient. With all these preparations and money estimate guides, you know how to capture and what to charge smartly.

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