3 Ways To Instantly Improve Your Photography Instagram Page

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Standing out on Instagram is hard. Is there a way to instantly improve your photography Instagram page?

With the many hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of photography accounts, it can sometimes feel like you are lost in the pack.

One thing you may notice about the top photographers on Instagram is how consistent they are. Their photos and pages follow central themes.

In this article, I hope to outline 3 easy ways to make an instant impact to your photography Instagram page by looking at what the top accounts have done.

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1. Plan it out!

How do you improve your photography Instagram page?

First and foremost the best way to grow you’re account is by being organized.

Try and stay one or even two steps ahead by dedicating some time to figuring out what you want your account to look like. The best way to do this is by having a separate account to post pictures in advanced to see what your grid will look like when you decide to post.

By doing this you are confident when you post and will not have to worry about a picture looking out of place.

If you want to learn more about using Instagram to build you photography brand, the photographer Jonny Greenstein has a great number of free resources on his website that help people build their social media and marketing plans. Here is on he has on using Instagram to sell and market photography.

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2. Get connected!

One of the most important things to do to improve your photography Instagram page is to grow your photography page.

Always be reaching out to new people.

You can do this by finding pages with similar interests as you and contacting them. By doing this they are mutually agreeing to help each other out and expose each others pages to a new audience and possibly, new followers.

3. Develop a theme!

If you look at the Instagram pages of all the top photographers you will notice a recurring trend.

They tend to have their own unique editing style and colour grading with each post reflecting that style. You need to find your own specific theme and by doing this your photography page will begin to look a lot more professional.

You can use editing tools like Lightroom to accomplish this. To learn more about Lightroom, check out the Drone Photography Bible article on Processing Photographs.

You can see my process of developing a colour grading system for my Instagram Story Highlight.

Also notice how the images on my page are within the same colour scheme.

How do you improve your photography Instagram page?

Got some advice on how to improve your photography Instagram page?

What worked for your photography Instagram? Let us know!

Have you made changes to improve your photography Instagram page that have worked?

Leave us a comment below! Remember… engagement is key!

About the author – Daniel J. Robertson

Drone Photography Bible would like to thank Daniel J. Robertson for submitting this guest article. He is a talented photographer based in Ontario, Canada who uses a DJI Mavic Air for his drone photography.

You can find some of his work included in this article but his full gallery can be found on his Instagram account. Please visit his page, view his work and follow him.

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